Wednesday, March 17, 2010

City of David

City of David is an ancient Jerusalem site that is located on the southern edge of Temple Mount and Old City of Jerusalem. It is bordered by Tyropoeon valley on the west, Kidron valley on the east and Hinnom valley on the south.

The City of David is the Old City of Jerusalem that is inside fortifications. Ophel refers to the area outside the fortification upto the Temple Mount. Archeologists have found out that fortified city was constructed as early as Middle Bronze Age in the mountains. A huge 3,700 year old stone was recently discovered which proves the settlement. This stone was used to prevent trespassers from passing through vulnerable passage that led to the Spring tower below the mountain.

A city wall corresponding to 12th century BCE was found in the City of David. Archeological digs were started only in the 19th century to know more about the City of David. Various other sites of Old Jerusalem such as Pool of Siloam, Hezekiah’s tunnel, Second Temple and others were found as a result of excavation.

Monday, February 15, 2010

David Citadel Hotel

The David Citadel Hotel (Hebrew: מלון מצודת דוד) is a luxury hotel in downtown Jerusalem. The hotel is located on King David Street, near the entrance to the Old Town. The hotel is home to VIPs, including global leaders, business moguls and celebrities, in competition with the King David Hotel in the vicinity for the title of "Jerusalem's flagship hotel."

The hotel was developed by Moshe Safdie as a U-shaped structure rising 10 stories high and designed with 384 rooms and suites. It has terrace-style suites, overlooking the Old City and the Tower of David, and the glass dome of the public lobby in the inner part of the "U". The building is an integral part of the development project planned nipple Safdie, and has a neo-oriental style, which blends the Middle East and Jerusalem classical architectural elements.

The hotel is owned by the Tel Aviv-based Alroy hotel and real estate development group, headed by the Israeli company Alfred Akirov titan. The hotel was opened in 1998 and was originally known as "Hilton called Jerusalem". It was developed by Hilton International, and should, to the property of international fame. But after a business dispute between Alfred Akirov and Hilton International, which moved in developed multi-million dollar mutual actions between the two companies, Hilton from the management of real estate in 2001. The owners decided that it would involve no other international hotel chain to manage the property and was renamed The David Citadel Hotel. Today the hotel from the Alroy Hotel Group is to be managed.
The people who remained, including former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton and the Republican Party presidential nominee, Senator John McCain, Senator Barack Obama, the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, used was able to conduct peaceful meetings between Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiating team.

King David Hotel

One of the most famous hotels of Jerusalem is King David Hotel. Providing an absolute fusion of old and new, the hotel has been the choice of the connoisseurs all over the world. The hotel provides the complete view of the city of Jerusalem.

Well furnished guest rooms and suites apart from function halls have made the hotel the most preferred one among the travelers. The personalized service of the staff adds to the attraction and proves the hospitality the hotel is all about. There are about 237 rooms in this hotel which includes special rooms, presidential suite and royal suite. The guests can find in each room facilities like safe, TV, temperature control, bedside control of all electrical appliances, and king size beds, while the suites have additional comforts of verandas, Jacuzzi bath, stereo, sauna, VCR and DVD apart from boardroom. The restaurants here provide the most creative food items using spices and other ingredients from Middle East. A poolside bar is open every day during summer and provides drink or snacks to the visitors.

The guests can also enjoy facilities like laundry, parking space, internet, bar, and shopping centers. The guests can also take a plunge in the swimming pool and try their hand in the tennis court. The health center here has machineries like treadmills, bike, and rowing machine apart from saunas. The homely and comfortable stay in the hotel will surely inspire the guests to want to come again to enjoy the facilities.

Sheraton Jerusalem Plaza

Sheraton Jerusalem Plaza hotel is located at 47 King George Street Jerusalem 91076 and it is close to old city and modern Jerusalem.

For a pleasurable and relaxing stay, Sheraton Jerusalem Plaza hotel has 292 rooms. The rooms are all loaded with personal amenities that one may need such as air conditioning, satellite TV, internet access, mini bar, radio, telephone and safe deposit box. There are 8 meeting rooms in the hotel. Conference and event facilities are sufficient to conduct business meetings and exclusive parties. The hotel also features an outdoor swimming pool perfect for families and couples. Additional services like baby sitting, room service, parking and disabled facilities can be obtained accordingly.

Barbeque and grill restaurant is available during summer months on the patio of the hotel and the restaurant serves various cuisines including Italian and Middle Eastern. The bar serves beverages and snacks and can be a good hang out place.